GBAC-Certified Crime Scene Clean Up in Oklahoma City and Beyond

BioSheen Services is the only Forensic Restoration company in the State of Oklahoma with a written protocol for Crime Scene Cleanup and Remediation that meets and exceeds current industry standards and guidelines.

Crime Scene Cleanup (also often referred to as trauma cleanup) is a general umbrella term used when discussing the cleaning of blood or human remains or anything that can be bio hazardous in dealing with. If you are looking for assistance with homicide cleanup, suicide, blood, unattended death or trauma scene cleaning, look no further. BioSheen of Oklahoma’ Certified Forensic Operators™ are highly trained, skilled and ready to assist you in your time of need.

Dr. Michael Berry of the EPA has stated, that “There are two reasons to clean anything. One is appearance, the other is health.” In the case of Crime Scene Cleanup, BioSheen of Oklahoma’ Certified Forensic Operators™ address both.

BioSheen of Oklahoma’s exclusive five-step process of cleaning, disinfecting and bio-testing for clearance assures you that not only is your incident site visually clean, but is now free of disease-carrying pathogens and odor-causing bacteria.


The Certified Forensic Operators™ at BioSheen of Oklahoma have been cleaning and remediating the mishaps and mayhem of the human condition for over 45 years.  If experience is the best teacher, then no one does it better than BioSheen of Oklahoma.

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